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Customer Satisfaction

For us, this one is obvious, but our world is always changing. Our reputation is everything to us! We will not put our reputation in jeopardy to make a quick sale. We’ve been in business for four generations and plan to be for at least four more and we can’t do that if we do not treat people fairly and honestly.


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We pride ourselves on our efforts to be the best home service provider in this area. Whether that means technical competence, the latest technology in tools, response time, follow up, clean uniforms and trucks, etc., we want to strive to always be our best and be excellent in everything we do.


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Like those that have gone before us, we are not averse to hard work! Our trades sometimes involve tight spaces, hot attics, dirty sewers and sometimes we need to stay late to “get the job done right”.

Good Natured

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Our tagline is “Home of the Good Natured Guys”. We hope that this sets us apart. We want to treat our customers like a good small town neighbor would – with a smile, good attitude and with their best interests in mind. We live and work in the same community and want to do right by everyone we come in contact with – with a smile!

Seal Your Leaky Ducts

Seal your ducts from the inside with Aeroseal.

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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Our indoor air quality solutions keep your family safe from airborne contaminants and pollutants.

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Summers & Zim’s delivers what they advertise. Great company to work with.


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Local HVAC and Plumbing Professionals Serving Southeastern Pennsylvania

Learn more about how our highly trained experts aim to keep homeowners comfortable, and the reasons behind why we do what we do.

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Furnace Repair & Replacement

Pennsylvania homeowners deserve reliable heat in the dead of winter. For this reason, many homeowners turn to us for furnace maintenance and replacement. Learn more about our furnace services.

Boiler Installation and Repair

Summers & Zim’s specializes in boiler maintenance, repair and replacement. Learn more about our boiler services and why so many Pennsylvania homeowners trust us to keep them warm.

A/C Repair & Upgrades

Residents of Chester and Lancaster County trust us with their air conditioning system needs. We offer our customers everything from routine maintenance to full A/C system installs. Learn more about our air conditioning services today.

Heat Pump Service

Heat pumps are popular choices for heating and cooling homes in Pennsylvania. Find out more about heat pumps and the repair and installation services Summers & Zim’s offers Chester and Lancaster County residents.

Air Purification Systems

Summers & Zim’s offers air quality testing to help ensure the right air purification system is installed and your family is breathing healthy air. Learn more about our air purification systems.

Well Pump Services

Is your water pressure low or is there simply no water coming out of your faucets at all? It is most likely your well pump. Learn more about our well pump services.

Bathroom Leaks

Leaky pipes or fixtures can be annoying home repairs. They can also be costly if not corrected. Learn why Summers & Zim’s is your go to plumber for bathroom and other plumbing leaks.

The team of knowledgeable local heating, cooling and plumbing professionals at Summers & Zim’s have been the trusted and reliable experts throughout the Chester County area and beyond since 1930. With extensive local experience, our team of certified professionals are committed to always offering the most comprehensive, lasting services throughout Pennsylvania. Our HVAC and plumbing services are backed by our complete 5-Point Guarantee, ensuring you always receive top-notch, personalized services that meet your performance expectations.

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Brands We Carry

Our technicians can work on literally any type of system, and we sell just about anything you need for your home or business.