Who We Are

Certified Licensed HVAC & Plumbing Services

Summers & Zim’s has been serving Chester County and Lancaster County for Over 85 Years. We are your Good Natured HVAC Technicians to help with your plumbing, heating, air conditioning and home services needs.

Our History

Old Summers & Zim's Signs

Our modest beginnings date back to 1930, when Summers Brothers Plumbing and Heating opened its doors. In 1973, Summers Brothers merged with Zim’s Sales and Service, forming Summers & Zim’s. Since then, we go to great lengths to put your safety and comfort first.

A Special Story from Summers & Zim’s President Joe Zimmerman

Listen to Joe Zimmerman tell the story of how he was faced with a disaster, and how the generosity of the south-central PA community transformed the way he serves the community through business.

Our History Story

The following is a story of how Summers & Zim’s came to be, as told by current President Joe Zimmerman.

As you can probably guess, Summers & Zim’s was formed by two families. My mother’s family were the Summers, and my dad’s family were the Zimmerman’s. I guess I never considered what occupation I would pursue when I would grow up…I just started doing it. I went to work with both grandfathers every day, and I had no idea that this was extremely rare. At this time, the company was owned by Lee Summers and Bud Zimmerman.

…what we repair today is much more technical than what we fixed back then.

Originally, there were two companies. Lee’s dad opened Summers Brothers in 1930, and my dad’s father started Zim’s Sales and Service in Atglen in 1950.

I began working for Lee and my dad as a refrigeration service technician and I got pretty good at it. We worked on a variety of systems: Wawa stores, milk tanks, ice machines, bar rooms, McDonald’s, etc. Our skills were a lot more varied than they are today, and we knew how to fix a much wider range of systems compared to what we do today. However, what we repair today is much more technical than what we fixed back then.

The next job change started when one of our managers and his son quit the company to start up a company of their own. So, at this time, I started learning to become a manager. Again, I just filled a slot that needed filled and didn’t really think about it. When I was 26 years old, my dad collapsed in his office from internal bleeding and was in and out of the hospital for 9 months. He never really came back to work. So, there was another spot to fill. I began picking up those pieces and covering his job and I have been doing this for the past 25 years or so.

Is this really what I want to do for my entire life?

At this point, Lee and Dad still owned the business. I ran it for them. Around 1995, Dad asked Jere and I if we wanted to buy his half of the business. We both said yes.

About 10 years later, I asked Lee if he would sell his half to Jere and I and he did.

In 2014 I asked Jere if I could buy his half. He said yes.

All of these job decisions were more assumed than decided upon.

Sometime shortly after buying Jere’s part of the company, it occurred to me that I could be here forever.

Is this really what I want to do for my entire life? I’ve already been here for 35 years. I have a nice house and nice car and that kind of stuff. I’m not against any of that, but having things isn’t satisfying. It is not enough to keep me doing this for another 20 years.

I firmly believe it is a good thing to be able to work in a place where Biblical values are at the core


I am a Christian. I have come to know and love the Lord and I want to live my life in a way that pleases Him. I am not going to change who I am because of what I do. Neither do I require that my employees change who they are. However, my worldview should make this a predictable place to work. I firmly believe it is a good thing to be able to work in a place where Biblical values are at the core.

I don’t do this solely for the money. I kind of lost interest in that a few years ago. To be completely transparent my primary motivation is that running Summers & Zim’s grants me a certain amount of influence with people. I’m a big fish in a small pond. People in my small pond tend to care what I think, especially as I get older.

If I can have an impact on the people around me – business owners, community, co-workers, vendors around me – I want to take that platform and impact these people in a way that pleases God. I want to help them navigate through “the next thing” in life. I want to help them not make the mistakes I did. That goal seems a whole lot more exciting to me than gathering things and making more money until I die. Some younger people might not see the value in this, but as they age, they will turn a corner just as I did, and realize what is truly important and what isn’t.

If there is ever a doubt as to who is “right,” Summers & Zim’s or the customer. I will always default to the customer.

Our Core Values

We aim to be the embodiment of the following four values:

Good Natured

Kind, friendly, and patient.

Synonyms: warmhearted, friendly, amiable, neighborly, benevolent, kind, kindhearted, generous, unselfish, considerate, thoughtful, obliging, helpful, supportive, charitable, understanding, sympathetic, easygoing, accommodating


Worthy of honor

Synonyms: honest, moral, ethical, principled, righteous, right-minded, decent, respectable, estimable, virtuous, good, upstanding, upright, worthy, noble, fair, just, truthful, trustworthy, law-abiding, reliable, reputable, creditable, dependable


Extremely good, outstanding

Synonyms: Very good, superb, outstanding, exceptional


Courage and resolve; strength of character

Synonyms: courage, bravery, backbone, spirit, strength of character, strength of will, moral fiber, steel, nerve, fortitude, toughness, hardiness, resolve, resolution, determination, tenacity, perseverance, endurance

We pay our bills on time. We always have. Whether I got paid or not. Whether I have any money or not. If there is ever a doubt as to who is right SZ/Joe or the customer – I will default to the customer.

I expect my employees to treat me like I treat them. I expect their nature to be good, and for them to treat their fellow coworkers, customers, and community with honor and excellence.

I expect my employees to treat me like I treat them. I expect their nature to be good, and for them to treat their fellow coworkers, customers, and community with honor and excellence. I expect them to develop grit and find a way to get things done when others would quit trying.

When an employee’s truck is cluttered or their uniform is dirty, when they rush through a job because it is late in the day, when they are impatient with someone who is learning, or rude to the dispatcher or manager who has to ask them to work late, that is a reflection on me and everyone else who works at Summers & Zim’s. It is a reflection on my dad and both of my grandfathers.

When an employee looks neat and professional, when their truck is clean and organized, when they stay late to make sure the problem is fixed right, when they’re courteous and pleasant with people who are treating them poorly, this is a powerful and meaningful reflection on both the employee and the entire Summers & Zim’s family.

Certified HVAC Technicians and Certified Plumbing Repairmen

At Summers & Zim’s, our history in this part of Pennsylvania dates back to 1930, when Summers Brothers Plumbing and Heating first opened for business. In 1973, Summers Brothers merged with Zim’s Sales and Service, and today Summers & Zim’s is proud to be the certified, licensed plumber in Quarryville, PA, as well as Downington, Gap, Strasburg, Exton and the surrounding communities. We put our customers first, and we deliver outstanding services in your home — plumbing as well as HVAC maintenance and repair. We understand that plumbing and HVAC issues in your home are often urgent issues that need a fast response. That’s why we respond quickly when you call, delivering a team of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced service professionals to work in your home. When you need HVAC maintenance or a certified, licensed plumber in Downington, PA, or the surrounding areas, call on the team at Summers & Zim’s.

Comprehensive Plumbing and Heating Services for Your Home

No matter how well you take care of your home, situations come up. The water starts to leak or the air conditioning goes out or the heater stops blowing hot air. That’s when you call Summers & Zim’s. We serve as a certified licensed plumber in New Holland, PA, as well as surrounding communities like Gap, Strasburg, Quarryville, Downington and Exton. We also provide heating and cooling technicians who can deliver preventative maintenance as well as emergency repairs. An emergency is no time to start searching for a certified, licensed plumber in Gap, PA, which is why we’re here as the plumber and Good Natured HVAC service providers you can trust now and for as long as you call South Central and Southeast PA home. We’re proud of the many long-term relationships we’ve built since we first started serving as a certified, licensed plumber in Strasburg, PA, as well as nearby cities and towns. And we’d value the opportunity to develop a long-term relationship as your home service provider of choice.

Your Source for Good-Natured Service

We have a unique approach to serving as the certified licensed plumber in Kennett Square, PA, as well as other communities throughout the area. We are the good-natured guys — the plumbers and Good Natured HVAC technicians who are deeply knowledgeable and thoroughly experienced, but who also treat your home with a friendliness you don’t often find in this industry. We believe in doing a great job and keeping or returning your home to full working order. But that doesn’t mean much if there’s no sense of service excellence. When you call on Summers & Zim’s for service at your home, know that you’ll get certified Good Natured HVAC technicians and certified plumbing repairmen — professionals who can get the job done. But know also that you’ll get passionate and helpful service professionals who want to gain an understanding of your needs and then go above and beyond in meeting them. Contact us today for certified, licensed plumbers in Exton, PA and the surrounding communities — as well as service excellence you won’t find anywhere else.


  • Air Conditioning Contractor of America (ACCA)

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  • Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce

  • Chester County Chamber of Commerce

  • Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce

  • Philadelphia Suburban Gas Company

  • The Electrical Association


  • Master Plumbing License

    We have more master plumbers than any other service provider in Chester County. Master HVAC License.

  • North American Technician Excellence, Inc. (NATE)

    Summers & Zim’s is part of the NATE QUALITY CIRCLE, over 75% of our technicians are NATE-Certified.

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

    100% of our HVAC technicians are EPA certified.

Why Choose Summers & Zim’s for Your Home Services

When it comes to safeguarding your home’s comfort, Summers & Zim’s stands as your trusted partner in Chester County and beyond. Why entrust us with your residential plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs? With a legacy spanning over 80 years, we’re not just experts; we’re your neighbors, deeply invested in our community’s wellbeing. Our team embodies a friendly and professional spirit, backed by a wealth of experience that’s recognized through prestigious certifications, including the Master Plumbing License, North American Technician Excellence, Inc., and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our holistic approach to home services extends beyond mere repairs and installations. We believe in creating lasting relationships with our customers, delivering not only exceptional service but also tailored solutions that fit your unique home environment. It’s this dedication that has earned us the trust of families across Lancaster, Delaware, and Chester Counties.

We take pride in our work, and it shows in our commitment to excellence, reflected in our exclusive 5 Point Guarantee. This is our promise to you – consistent quality and satisfaction in every job we undertake, whether it’s ensuring your faucets don’t drip, your heating system keeps you cozy through winter, or your air conditioning offers respite from the summer heat. Choose Summers & Zim’s, where your home’s functionality and comfort are in capable hands.

5-Point Guarantee

  • Design Guarantee

    At Summers & Zim’s, we’re committed to excellence in every repair and installation we undertake. Our Design Guarantee ensures that the work we do not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether it’s a complex HVAC installation or a routine plumbing fix, we promise that it will function exactly as intended. If, for any reason, you feel that the results aren’t what you were expecting, our team is prepared to make necessary adjustments or replacements, completely free of charge. We’re not satisfied until you are, ensuring your home’s systems are both efficient and reliable.

  • No Lemons Guarantee

    We understand the frustration of a new plumbing fixture failing to perform as expected. With our No Lemons Guarantee, you have our assurance of quality and reliability. If any plumbing fixture we’ve installed in your home shows signs of malfunction or unreliability, rest assured, we will replace it with a new one at no additional cost. This guarantee is our promise of quality and your peace of mind, ensuring that your plumbing investments are secure and reliable.

  • $500 No Frustration Guarantee

    Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we stand firmly behind the quality of our plumbing installations. With our $500 No Frustration Guarantee, we take our commitment to a higher level. If any new plumbing installation we provide doesn’t perform as promised or expected within the first two years, we acknowledge the inconvenience it causes. To make it right, we will compensate you with $500. This guarantee underscores our dedication to providing services that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

  • Home Protection Guarantee

    At Summers & Zim’s, we treat your home with the utmost care and respect. Our Home Protection Guarantee ensures that in the unlikely event our team accidentally causes any damage to your home during our service, we will bear the cost of all necessary repairs or replacements. We strive to work meticulously, but should any mishaps occur, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will take full responsibility to restore your home to its original condition, or better.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Your trust in our system installations is valued, and we aim to deliver solutions that perfectly match your needs and expectations. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee is a testament to this commitment. If you find that a new system installation by Summers & Zim’s does not fulfill your requirements or live up to your expectations, we will not only remove the installation but also return every penny of your investment. This guarantee is our way of ensuring that your investment in your home’s systems is completely risk-free.

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