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Repairing Clogged Drains and Drain Cleaning in Chester County, PA


With water and debris routinely swirling through your plumbing from sinks, tubs, toilets and appliances, your drains will likely become clogged at some point. Often this buildup is made up of hair, waste debris and other large objects. While store-bought products and chemical solutions promise to clear the obstructions from your drains, these are often only temporary solutions and can end up damaging your plumbing.

The most effective, long-term solution for removing and preventing clogs in your drains is with drain cleaning services courtesy of Summers and Zim’s. We’re a full-service plumbing repair and maintenance company serving homeowners throughout Chester County, PA. With our certified and trained technicians, advanced drain cleaning tools and equipment and best industry practices, we can quickly locate the source of the clog and provide guidance on the best solutions for your household to completely remove the buildup and prevent future occurrences.

How to Prevent Clogged Drains Through Drain Cleaning

Drain clogs are inconvenient hassles that can often lead to minor issues like slow drainage and unpleasant odors or even severe events such as leaking plumbing or water backup which can cause widespread property damages. Here are some ways local homeowners can better care for their home’s plumbing and prevent potentially hazardous drain clogs:

  • Regularly clear drain stoppers and install a drain trap to catch loose hair and bits of soap scum that can become stuck in plumbing and form clogs.
  • Avoid flushing items like feminine products or baby wipes down the toilet that won’t dissolve.
  • Don’t put grease or oil down kitchen drains — pour excess grease into an unused coffee can or into an empty cardboard milk container, then toss the grease container in the garbage.
  • Throw coffee grounds into the trash or an outdoor garden versus down the kitchen sink. These small particles will usually form clumps when exposed to water, forming a sticky buildup.
  • Keep the plumbing vent pipe located on your roof clear of debris or other obstructions.

Clogs can eventually form, even after being mindful of what items you put down your drain, but with proper drain cleaning solutions or professional help, you can quickly remove the buildup, preserve the quality of your plumbing and prevent future obstructions. To avoid clogging, let hot water flow through your sink after each use or regularly toss a handful of baking soda down the drain with hot water. If you have a persistent clog in your drains, call a professional drain unclogging company to inspect your system.

Trust Our Good Natured Guys to Perform Drain Cleaning in Chester County

When you have drain clogs inconveniencing your daily routine, rely on the expertise of the team at Summers and Zim’s to properly and thoroughly investigate your home’s plumbing and perform effective drain unclogging services. Our plumbers are licensed and certified, so you can trust that your plumbing repair services will be completed correctly the first time — if our solutions fail to meet your expectations, we’ll do everything we can to solve the issue with our 5-Point Guarantee.

By working with us, you’ll receive convenience, affordable services and helpful professionals — to request a free drain unclogging estimate, call us today at 610-593-5129 or fill out our online contact form.