Technician Spotlight: Troy Brown

Troy Brown has worked at Summers & Zim’s for over a decade, and has the distinction of the most experience in different positions within the company.

Troy started in sales, and then transitioned to the field where he worked in the installation department, installing furnaces, air conditioners and anything in between. He then moved into the office and led the Service Membership department, becoming the assistant to the Service Manager. Many of our customers became familiar with his voice when they called with problems that needed solved.

You would think that moving through that many positions would be enough, but Troy didn’t stop there. He’s now back in the installation department helping to lead one of our specialty task forces with the Aeroseal process, which is a computer guided duct sealing system aimed at making your home more efficient.

One thing is for certain, if you want to know something about Summers & Zim’s, Troy is the guy with the answers!