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Home Performance & Efficiency Testing Services In Lancaster, PA

So much goes into creating the perfect home environment. What often get overlooked are tasks like air quality and overall efficiency. At Summers & Zim’s, we offer home performance testing in Lancaster County, Delaware County, and Chester County. Our home performance testing includes a number of services that can help your home become the ideal environment for living, relaxing, entertaining and raising a family. When you choose us for home performance testing in Chester County and these surrounding areas, you achieve the ideal home you’ve always wanted.

Home Performance and Efficiency Testing
Home Performance and Efficiency Testing

What Does Home Performance & Air Quality Testing Include?

Think of the concept of home performance testing as home efficiency testing in Lancaster, PA, as well as communities throughout South Central and Southeast PA. Home efficiency addresses the quality of your home’s interior air, as well as the efficiency of your equipment — keeping more of your heated and cooled air inside the home and letting less of it escape. Our home efficiency testing in West Chester, PA includes:

  • Carbon Monoxide Testing

    Our carbon monoxide testing services ensures that your home’s interior air is safe for breathing and that it poses no threat to you, your family or your guests.

  • Insulation and Window Inspections

    Are you paying more than you need to for heating and cooling? Our home efficiency testing in West Chester, PA and the nearby communities includes inspection of your insulation and windows. We’re looking for areas that are not fully insulated — the small and nearly unnoticeable areas that are making your home less efficient and your utilities bill more expensive.

  • Duct System Testing

    Your ductwork is another area that can cause efficiency to plummet and utility costs to skyrocket. Our home efficiency testing in New Holland, PA includes duct system testing that analyzes if conditioned air is escaping your ducts, as well as how much is escaping. We can then walk you through a few options to seal duct leaks.

  • Air Filtration Testing Services

    Is outside air escaping into your home through inefficient windows, skylights, doors and other areas? Our home efficiency testing in Coatesville, PA and nearby towns and cities includes air infiltration testing services that can help identify problem areas.

Infiltration Testing Blower
Infiltration Testing Blower

Whole House Infiltration Testing

A Whole House Infiltration Test measures the insulation, energy efficiency, air pressure, humidity, and air exchange rates of your home. This test determines if there is sufficient fresh air cycled through the home based on national standards, and provides specific data on how to improve the efficiency of your home through recommended remediation methods.

Infiltration Test Case Study

Below are reports from an actual test that include all data and recommendations.

Infiltration Test Case Study Recommendations

This specific whole house infiltration test included the measurement of air flow from each exhaust fan and air flow from second floor supply registers. The following recommendations were made (in order of impact):

  • Seal garage from remainder of home. (Also health/safety)

  • Seal basement separation at exterior door location at bottom of center stairs

  • Seal basement at stair landing from remainder of basement

  • Seal fireplace chimney

  • Seal kitchen range vent; if able

  • Seal above return registers on the second floor

  • Seal exposed beams in living room ceiling

  • Upgrade exhaust fans

  • Install insulation board on exposed wall insulation

  • Seal knee wall entrances

  • Replace front door assembly

  • Adjust exterior door latches to maximize seal

  • Caulk window trim

This is just a sample of what you get when you choose Summers & Zim’s for home efficiency testing in Strasburg, PA, as well as communities throughout Lancaster County, Delaware County and Chester County.

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Technicians Performing Efficiency Testing
Technicians Performing Efficiency Testing

Serving PA Since 1930

At Summers & Zim’s, our experience in home services runs deep in this part of the state. Since 1930, we’ve been offering services similar to home efficiency testing in Lancaster County, Delaware County and Chester County. We offer a team of knowledgeable and experienced technicians who can provide expert service in your home. But we’re more than just a service provider that gets the job done. We also place an emphasis on service excellence and doing our job with a friendliness you won’t always find among providers of home efficiency testing Chester County, Lancaster County and Delaware County. We want to see your home reach its full potential, and we deliver the services and the service excellence needed to see it get there. Contact us today about home efficiency testing in Gap, PA, as well as surrounding communities like Downington, Exton, Kennett Square and others.

Why Choose Summers & Zim’s

Why should you trust the plumbing professionals at Summers & Zim’s for all your residential HVAC needs? At Summers & Zim’s, we pride ourselves on our good natured disposition, unmatched HVAC experience paired with numerous certifications and focus on providing our customers with exceptional service and personalized HVAC repair and installation solutions. We’re proud to be certified by the North American Technician Excellence, Inc. and the Environmental Protection Agency.

With our dedication to our customers, we also ensure consistent quality and satisfaction with our one-of-a-kind 5 Point Guarantee:

5-Point Guarantee

  • Design Guarantee

    For all of our repairs and installations, we guarantee it will perform as intended. If it’s not what you expected, we’ll make adjustments or replacements at no extra cost.

  • No Lemons Guarantee

    If you have a recent plumbing fixture installed and a piece of it fails to perform reliably, we’ll install a new one at no additional cost.

  • $500 No Frustration Guarantee

    If your new plumbing installation does not perform as promised or expected within the first two years, we’ll pay you $500 for the inconvenience.

  • Home Protection Guarantee

    While working in your home, if our team accidentally damages any part of your home, we will cover any repair or replacement costs.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If your new system installation does not meet your needs or expectations, we’ll remove the item and return 100 percent of your investment.

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