How to Combat Higher Prices and Colder Temps

Consumers are being hit with a double whammy this winter. Prices for natural gas are up as much as 13% and electricity is up about 2%. Heating fuel is about the same, but is still one of the most expensive fuels. As these prices increase, so has fuel consumption due to a colder than average...

Unplug to Save Energy

How many devices do you have plugged in at your home right now? The average household keeps 40 or more appliances, lamps and electronic devices plugged in all the time. Each of these is using electricity, even if they are turned off. In severe winters, such as the one we’re experiencing this year, if each...

How to Prepare for a Winter Power Failure

Power supply interruptions can happen in winter due to high winds, freezing rain, or sleet that brings down power lines. Most disruptions are usually fixed within hours. To remain comfortable in your home during a failure make these preparations. (more…)

October is National Energy Awareness Month

Are you aware of the many things you can do to minimize your energy usage and make your home more energy efficient? Because October is National Energy Awareness Month, it’s a good time to do an energy audit of your home. Here are things to check. (more…)

“Green” Products for Your Home

Today is the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, first celebrated in the U.S. in 1970. One way to include environmental protections in your life style is to consider “green” products when you need to replace broken ones. (more…)

Residential Energy Tax Credits are Reinstated

Congress reinstated the 2011 residential energy tax credits for 2012 and 2013. This means that if you installed any of the energy efficient products covered by the program last year, or if you install any of them this year, you can claim up to $500 credit on your taxes. (more…)