The Benefits of Home Performance & Efficiency Testing

Of all the services that you engage for your home, one of the most neglected may be home performance testing. There are numerous benefits of home performance testing, and if you haven’t considered home performance testing in Westchester, PA, Coatesville, or homes throughout Lancaster and Chester County, you are missing out on an important opportunity.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the benefits of home efficiency testing in Lancaster, PA and beyond.

What Is Home Performance Testing?

Your body has numerous systems that make it work at full capacity, and you get regular physicals to make sure all of those systems are working properly. You know that if any of those systems aren’t working correctly, some aspect of your overall health is likely suffering as a result.

Your home works the same way. Just like you’re not always paying attention to your body’s systems, you probably don’t pay much attention to your home’s systems unless something goes terribly wrong. However, giving your home a “physical” in the form of home performance testing in Lancaster County and Chester County can maximize your home’s efficiency and make sure all of your home’s systems continue to operate in top working order.

What Are Some Features of Home Performance Testing?

If you contact Summers & Zim’s for home efficiency testing in Exton, PA, Westchester or other areas we service, you’ll receive a wide range of useful services, including carbon monoxide testing, insulation inspection, air filtration testing, duct system testing and more.

What Are the Benefits of Home Efficiency Testing?

Some of the benefits of home efficiency or home performance testing include:

Energy Efficiency

In today’s eco-conscious times, where sustainable energy and protecting the environment are becoming greater and greater concerns, making homes more energy-efficient has become a huge priority. Home performance testing is a great way to make sure your home maximizes its level of energy efficiency.

The average duct system leaks 25 percent of its air, which means your heating system burns a massive amount of excess fuel to make up the difference, and you pay the price. The expert HVAC technicians at Summers & Zim’s can reduce that leak to virtually nothing.

Poor insulation is another major cause of energy loss. If your insulation isn’t up to par, you’re losing heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, meaning more air conditioning and heating, higher energy usage and steeper energy bills. A home performance test can locate places where your insulation isn’t doing the job, so you can fix it.


A carbon monoxide or gas leak can kill with little or no warning. Combustion products from a heat system burning fuel can cause severe lung damage if they seep back into your home. Home efficiency testing can locate any potential leaks before they happen so you can feel confident in the safety of yourself and your family.

Air Quality

The home can present other dangers to air quality than just gas leaks. Microbes and dust in the air can also do tremendous damage to the lungs. Air filtration testing from Summers and Zim’s can let you know what the quality of your indoor air is and what to do about it, paving the way for UV light treatment to scrub your air of dangerous contamination if necessary.

Home Performance Testing and More Throughout South Central Pennsylvania

If you’re in need of any plumbing or HVAC services in Westchester, Coatesville, New Holland, Strasburg, Gap, Quarryville, Downingtown, Exton, Kennett Square and throughout Lancaster and Chester Counties, Summers & Zim’s is here to serve you.

From simple home performance testing services and basic plumbing maintenance to full heating system installs or plumbing and HVAC repair, Summers & Zim’s has the personnel and the drive to do the job. We’re proud of our reputation for quality, maintained over our 85-year-long history in the region — a reputation we earned through a full and unwavering commitment to quality service.

A great way to start with Summers and Zim’s is with home performance testing. It’s an opportunity to get to know the good-natured guys at Summers and Zim’s and learn how they work, how they show each customer that they’re the top priority and what they can do to make your home as efficient as it can be.

To schedule home performance testing or other plumbing or HVAC services, contact Summers & Zim’s today.