Your Maintenance Visit: Checking the Air Conditioning

This is the second in a series of four posts where we will talk about what our good natured technicians look for when testing your home systems. Our focus today is on your air conditioner.

First, our technicians will test the operation of the thermostat, and if necessary will replace the batteries for optimal performance. The condition of your ductwork will also be examined for proper static pressure and pressure drop across the evaporator coil. Your air filter will also be replaced so your system isn’t working harder than it should.

Next, the condition of the blower wheel will be checked, as well as the operation of the blower motor, specifically any loose bearings. The circuit board will also be inspected for burn marks and the low and high voltage wiring connections will be tested. Your air conditioning capacitors should also be tested to be sure they are not running with a low charge, which can eventually lead to a system failure.

The drain pipe and trap will also be cleaned, tested and flushed to ensure that the line is clear, and the safety pan will also be inspected. The float and wet switch will be tested to make sure the system is turned off should there be a water leak that starts to fill up the drain pan.  Our technicians will also test the temperature difference between the supply and return ducts to ensure the system is balanced properly.

Outside of your home, our technicians will make sure your air conditioner unit is level, and will clear any debris or vegetation in the coils. They will also test the disconnect switch, and inspect the insulation on the liquid and suction lines. The fan motor, fan blade and compressor operation will be examined, and our technicians will check the pressure and temperature of the suction and liquid refrigerant lines. If the pressure of your lines are not within an acceptable range according to manufacturer specifications, the system could freeze up or the lines may not be able to make cold air. If this is the case, the expansion valve may also need to be inspected.

If all of these tests are successful, your air conditioner system is working well!

If you notice any issues with your air conditioning unit in the future, be sure to contact the pros at Summers & Zim’s!