Your Maintenance Visit: Checking an Oil Heating System

This is a continuation in a series where we talk about what our Good Natured Technicians look for when testing your home systems. Our focus today is on your oil heating system.

First, our technicians test the thermostat and replace the batteries if necessary. They will also inspect the condition of the ductwork to check for leaks. To service the burner, your technician will replace the oil filter, inspect the pump strainer and replace it if necessary, and replace the nozzle. They check the set pump pressure and will need to clean the burner head and inspect the burner coupling. They also clean the smoke pipe and chimney base and clear it of debris for proper ventilation. The heat exchanger is also inspected for cracks and rust and the circuit board is checked for burn marks.

For forced hot air systems, the air filter is always replaced to ensure that damaging particles are not being sucked into the system. If necessary, the barometric damper operation will be checked and the spill switch operation will be monitored. The blower motor and its capacitor are checked for loose bearings and low charge.

For forced hot water systems, the expansion tank is drained, and the M & M control is flushed. The boiler pressure and temperature are taken and compared to normal levels. The relief and auto fill valves are then inspected for their operation and the zone valves and circulators and return loops are inspected. Your technician will also inspect the line and low voltage wiring and take the temperature split from the supply and return air vents to see if the system is performing at peak levels.

Regardless of your type of oil heating system, our Good Natured Technicians will ensure that your system is operating in top condition to keep you warm and safe during the winter months. Contact us today.