Gas Heating System Maintenance Tune Up

This is a continuation in a series of four posts where we will talk about what our Good Natured Technicians look for when testing your home systems. Our focus today is on your gas heating system.

First, our technicians test the operation of the thermostat and replace the batteries. They will also check for leaks in the drains and piping and will ensure the pressure is correct. The chimney base or vent piping will be checked for sizing and appropriate flow, and the pilot will be inspected as well as the safety tubes, controls and the flame.

For some systems, the barometric damper operation will be tested along with the operation of the spill switch.

For high efficiency systems, the condensate trap will be flushed to make sure it’s clear. Our technicians will also perform a combustion analysis that will provide a printout of the amount of oxygen being used by the system for combustion and will show how much carbon monoxide is being emitted by the burning process. It can also help determine if there is a leak in the system somewhere in the heat exchanger or other components that is causing carbon monoxide to spill out of the system and create a dangerous living environment.

For forced hot air systems, the air filter is always changed to ensure damaging particles are not being sucked into the system. The supply and return temperatures are checked to make sure the split is acceptable and that the hot air coming out of the system will support the heating of the house. The blower motor and capacitor are checked to make sure there are no worn bearings, and the fan delay is also inspected.

For forced hot water systems, they will flush the M & M control, drain the expansion tank, check the boiler pressure and temperature, and test the relief and autofill valve. The line voltage and low voltage wiring is also inspected to make sure the electronic components are tight and not exposed. The zone valves and circulators will also be tested to ensure even temperatures throughout the space.

Regardless of your type of gas heating system, our Good Natured Technicians will ensure that your system is operating in top condition to keep you warm and safe during the winter months.