Two Things You should Know About Indoor Air Quality, And What You Can Do About It!

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It’s been a mild winter here in Pennsylvania. But even with the mild temps, you still need to have your windows and doors closed and sealed tight to keep the cold air out and keep your heating bills as low as possible.This can change the quality of your indoor air, and that can impact your health. Here are two signs to look for.

  1. When you sleep at night, do your nasal passages feel dry and stuffed up? That’s a signal there isn’t enough humidity in your air. Additional signs are if you get “shocked” when you touch metal objects in your home, or if your hair has that dry, flyaway look.The best way to correct this is with a whole-house humidifier. We recommend the Aprilaire systems as the best. A good system such as Aprilaire delivers 50% more humidity to your air. It also has a bypass damper and control that you can set for summer or winter to provide comfort all year.
  2. Have you been sneezing more? That can be a sign that dust, mold and invisible particulates have been building up in your ductwork. It’s a good idea to get your air ducts cleaned when winter sets in.Dirty air ducts are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses that can contaminate your air. Pet dander can build up and they’re also a favorite hiding place for those dreaded stinkbugs. The American Lung Association has identified that dirty air ducts lead to breathing problems. People with any kind of allergies are especially susceptible to respiratory problems from dirty air ducts.

Our duct cleaning experts at Summers & Zim’s use a specialized vacuum process to remove the contaminants in your ducts, leaving you with air that is clean and pure.

Schedule a duct cleaning service appointment today. While you’re at it, you can purchase an Apriaire humidifier directly from us, and we’ll install it for you too! Call 800-525-1911 to schedule an appointment, or use our service request form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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