Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Cold Weather

Most dogs like to frolic in the snow and eat the snow! But the harsh winter and low temperatures can be dangerous for our dogs. To be sure your dog stays healthy this winter here are some the things to do. Don’t leave your dog out for extended periods of time. Clean your dog’s paws, legs, and stomach when coming in from a walk. They can have salt and other snow melt chemicals on them that can damage the skin and make dogs sick when they lick to groom themselves. Increase their food rations. Dogs burn more calories to stay warm during the cold and will need to eat more. Keep them well hydrated with a water bowl in the house or garage so they don’t have to go outside to drink. Most dogs do not stay warmer with a dog coat or sweater when being walked in cold weather and the dog coat can actually make them colder because their fur is a natural insulator and the coat can trap air under the fur. Check with your vet about your breed of dog. As we begin another week of cold temperatures, remember that the cold weather can affect your dog too.