Spring Allergy Relief

As summer nears and people start to feel the effects of allergies, asthma, and sinus infections, folks are trying to beat the symptoms and enjoy the warmer weather. This year, Pennsylvania is experiencing a “pollen tsunami,” which researchers attribute to delayed tree growth and development due to a late spring after extended cold winter weather.

One way to help your family cope with spring allergies is to make sure your duct system is not circulating airborne allergens throughout your home. Most household climate control systems collect dust, pollen, other allergens, and even mold inside of them. You don’t have to sit idly by and wait for these things to collect in your system.  We offer many air purification and mold reducing products to curb the growth and spread of contaminants.  One method we offer is the UV-Aire In-Duct air sanitizer, which uses UV light to kill allergens and contaminates.

There are many different options for homeowners to purify and freshen the air in their homes, and Summers & Zim’s is here to help. You can schedule a home performance test or call our office at 610-593-5129 and ask about the various individual solutions that we offer.