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One of the things that can deflate your heating or cooling system’s efficiency is poorly designed, un-insulated or leaky ducts.

Suppose a 95% efficient furnace is installed in your home, but the duct work leaks 10% of the air that is pushed through it. Do you still have a 95% efficient furnace?

A qualified contractor knows the duct system is as important to comfort and utility savings as the equipment itself.

The analogy I like to use is that of a garden hose. Imagine hooking a garden hose (duct work) up to a faucet (furnace or air conditioner). If the hose is too small it will restrict flow of water regardless of how open you turn the faucet. If the hose has holes in it the water flow at the end of the hose will be diminished because the water leaks out before reaching the end.

Imagine your duct system as delivering water instead of air; this may give you a more visual perspective of the ramifications of a poor duct system.

We find that when heating or cooling systems do not perform well, it is because of a poor duct system, not because of undersized equipment. And, installing larger equipment usually multiplies the problems.

We also find that many indoor air quality problems are produced by, or made worse by, poor duct systems.

Remember, equipments’ efficiency ratings are tested in lab settings, under ideal circumstances. Most homes don’t meet the standards of these labs!

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