How A New Carrier HVAC System Really Reduced Energy Costs

Last May we installed a new Carrier high-efficiency gas furnace for a customer who wrote and told us that after a year of use, she has seen a huge reduction in her home heating and cooling costs. Her gas bill (heat) for the first year averaged just $52.23 per month and her cooling bill (AC) for the first year averaged only $107 per month. And that includes the gas used for cooking and the electric for the washer, dryer, fridge, lights, TV, and computers. She couldn’t be happier. Plus we zoned her two-story home so she has separate controls for the upstairs, downstairs and basement. If you want to enjoy really low, affordable monthly energy costs perhaps it’s time to consider a new HVAC system. Now is the perfect time to have one installed because summer is nearly over and cold weather hasn’t arrived. Call us at 610-593-5129 and either Rob or Kevin will help you decide what system will be best for your home.