Free Water Test Shows If Your Water is Healthy

Water can have a huge impact on the quality of life for a family. Poor water will affect your health, increase maintenance costs on your home and can just flat out taste bad.

Do you have concerns about any of these risks associated with poor water quality? If so, have your water tested. Summers and Zim’s will provide a water analysis for you at no cost. Once the testing is complete, we can provide you with suggestions to correct any water quality concerns that may have been discovered or simply assure you that your water is clean and healthy!

Two common findings in this area are hard water and high nitrates. Hard water causes premature failure of faucets, dishwashers and washing machines. If this is the case a softening system can be designed to meet the requirements of your home. High nitrates, on the other hand, can affect your health; especially infants and children. High nitrates are usually treated in the drinking water only.

Water quality is not something to glance over, please contact me if you would like Summers and Zim’s to provide you with a free water test and the resulting recommendations if needed.