How to Avoid Hiring Scammy & Unlicensed Contractors

Hiring an unlicensed contractor, or one who might scam you when seeking out plumbing or HVAC services in Pennsylvania, can be disastrous. When you need plumbing services, you want to be sure you’re hiring a certified, licensed plumber in Lancaster, PA or wherever you need service.

The reasons why are obvious. An unlicensed plumber will almost certainly make promises they’re unlikely to keep, give you an inaccurate estimate to get your business, overcharge you for work, charge you for shoddy work or work not done, and otherwise make your life miserable.

But what do you need to look out for when hiring a contractor? How can you avoid hiring an unlicensed scam artist? There are a few signs to look for.

Does the Contractor Display Their Licenses and Certifications Prominently?

A certified, licensed plumber in Coatesville, PA, Lancaster or anywhere you contract for service should be happy to show off their licenses and certifications somewhere prominently, like on their website. If a plumber is offering their services, but won’t show you any licenses or certifications, or presents them in a way that cannot be verified, you should consider this contractor suspect.

Does the Contractor Have a Long History of Service?

If your contractor can’t point to a long history of quality service, this is a red flag. Every contractor has to start somewhere, and not everyone with only a few years of experience under their belt is a scam artist, but unlicensed or scam contractors don’t tend to last very long before the word gets out, so a company that’s been providing contracting services for decades is often a good bet.

Does the Contractor Offer Money-Back Guarantees on Their Work?

A scam artist will rarely offer you a money back guarantee, and if they do, they’re unlikely to honor it. A company that offers you a clear guarantee on their work isn’t afraid of losing money, because they know they’re going to do a good job, and your peace of mind is worth any risk in that regard.

Is the Contractor a Member of Reputable Organizations?

A contractor who’s a member of community organizations and watchdog groups has allowed themselves to be vetted by experts, so you can usually engage their services with confidence.

Can You Contact the Owner of the Company?

Joe Zimmerman

Just because you can’t contact the owner of the company doesn’t mean a contractor is disreputable. Some contractors are just too big to give you that level of personal attention. That being said, if you can contact the owner, that’s an added level of confidence. Someone running a scam on you isn’t going to want to have direct contact with you if they don’t have to.

Does the Company Have Positive Testimonials of Their Work?

In the internet age, there’s no excuse for a reputable company not to be able to point to positive reviews of their work. A company with a commitment to customer service will have those customers clamoring to shout their praises. If the contractor who’s trying to get your business can’t point to any satisfied customers, that should be a major concern.

Finding a Quality Plumbing Contractor in Pennsylvania

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