Watchdog with Resideo

Take the worry out of your HVAC system performance with Summers & Zim’s Watchdog Monitoring

By adding Watchdog Monitoring to an an air conditioning or gas furnace membership, you’ll get a professionally installed kit that constantly monitors your home’s heating and cooling throughout the year. If there are any issues with your HVAC system, the kit sensors will send an alert directly to our Watchdog team, who can quickly view the alert and remotely diagnose the problem before it potentially becomes an emergency.

Whether home or away, Watchdog monitoring keeps your HVAC system connected with your pro service team.

A Summers & Zim’s technician can easily install your Watchdog monitoring kit.

Equip your home with a professionally installed kit that can diagnose problems with your HVAC system before they become emergencies. Good for efficiency, great for peace of mind.

Diligent HVAC technician servicing an air conditioning unit in Lancaster County, essential for emergency HVAC solutions.
Expert Air Conditioning Service in Lancaster County - Ready for Emergencies

Why choose Watchdog Monitoring?

  • 24/7 home HVAC system pro diagnostics.

  • Continually learns about your system’s performance.

  • Detects degradation and alerts your pro team.

  • Helps to optimize and protect, so your system lasts longer.

  • Can guard against costly major system failures.

How Watchdog Monitoring Works


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