After a Long, Cold Winter, An Air Scrubber May be Essential

For months your home has had no fresh air. Sub zero temperatures and heavy snowfalls have had us all keeping windows and doors tightly closed. During that time odors from cooking, dander from pets, and everyday dust and dirt have all been affecting the quality of your indoor air. It may be many more weeks before outdoor temperatures are high enough to allow fresh air inside. That’s why now is a great time to add an Air Scrubber to your home. An Air Scrubber can be essential to improve your daily quality of life. Air Scrubbers remove particles, gases, and chemicals from the air to purify it. They can be installed individually or as part of a heating/cooling system. Talk to a technician at Summers & Zim’s about what model Air Scrubber is best for your home. Call us at 610-593-5129 to get one installed soon, before spring pollen adds even more pollution to the air.