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Purolator P5 20x25x5 Air Filter



The P5 (P2000) and P1200 are designed exclusively for home use where particles in the 5 micrometer ranger and larger are present, and can be removed efficiently and safely.

With proper continuous use, the P5 (Purolator 2000) and P1200 will capture pollen, dust, tobacco smoke residue, grease and pet dander which usually collects on furniture, windows, and carpets from the household environment. You will quickly notice a difference in the air quality of your home – fresher indoor air, less dust, pollen, and spores.

The P5 (Purolator 2000) and P1200 serve as effective replacement filters in home heating/air cooling system cleaners such as those manufactured by Trion – Air Bear™ and Air Bear Club™. Insist on the P5 (Purolator 2000) and P1200 for high-efficiency, quality construction materials, workmanship and performance.